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The online Master of Public Administration (MPA) offers a concentration in Nonprofit Management program which is designed for students who wish to work in nonprofit organizations locally, nationally or internationally.

With a solid foundation in academic theory, applied research, experiential learning and internships, students will gain the tools to become visionary leaders and effectively manage in a democratic and diverse society. 

Students of the Public Administration, MPA (Nonprofit Management) will gain skills to: 

  • Effectively and ethically lead and manage nonprofit institutions.   
  • Plan and implement innovative, efficient and effective strategies affecting constituencies ranging from the most vulnerable to the most affluent populations.
  • Protect natural resources, build infrastructure systems and lead communities.
  • Become a steward of the democratic way of life.

Students choose this MPA program because of the:

  • High-quality curriculum from a distinguished, accredited university.
  • Low tuition from a convenient, accessible location.
  • Faculty members are regarded as national and international scholars and leaders in the field of public administration.
  • Flexible coursework offered 100% online, allowing for personal and skill development on a schedule that is conducive to busy professionals.
  • A community of scholars and practitioners who share a deep commitment to effective teaching and rigorous research on public administration.

Career Outlook: In today's working world, an advanced degree is essential. A degree in public administration prepares graduates for leadership positions in state and local government, health care administration, nonprofit management and human resources management. According to the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration, graduate education is expected to continue giving persons working or seeking careers in the public and nonprofit sectors a competitive edge.

This program is ideal for professionals looking to work in areas such as:

  • Public service
  • Health care management
  • Federal, state and local government
  • Nonprofit management
  • Human resource management

More about the Public Administration, MPA:

The mission of the School of Public Administration at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is to strengthen public service in a democratic and diverse society by educating students to manage and lead public and nonprofit institutions effectively, ethically and democratically. The MPA degree is the recognized graduate degree for professionals in public service.

A master's degree in Public Administration is more than a professional degree. Its a gateway to transforming society through a career in public service. The mission of the program is to strengthen public service in a democratic, yet diverse society by educating students who manage and lead public and nonprofit institutions effectively, ethically and democratically. 

The online MPA offers several concentrations, including:

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Local Government
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Management
  • Public Policy

This program is described by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration as a model program.

University of Nebraska online courses are taught by expert faculty who embody the qualities resulting from research experience and professional/field experience. Students learn from faculty with a variety of backgrounds, many of whom are published researchers in their fields. NU faculty who teach online do so in a way that enables maximum learning and because technology provides students with maximum access to education.

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree

    Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year institution

  2. 3.00 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

  3. Previous work experience

    Resume including work history in PDF format

  4. Taken the GRE

  5. Taken the TOEFL or IELTS

    (Only required if English is not your native language)

  6. A written personal statement

    What are the factors in your background that will help us understand your interest in a profession in the public or nonprofit sectors? What are your professional goals? Ten years from now, what do you hope to be doing professionally? How can an MPA from UNO help you to achieve these goals?

  7. 2 letters of recommendation

  8. Official transcripts from all previous schools

NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states

To apply to this program:

  • Complete and submit the online application for admissions
  • Pay the $45 non-refundable application fee
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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
June 1
Spring Semester
October 1

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
PA 8050Foundations of Public Service3

Course Number: PA 8050

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the art and science of public administration and to enable the student to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities requisite to the pursuit of graduate education in public administration.

PA 8090Seminar in Organization Theory & Behavior3

Course Number: PA 8090

Study of the various approaches to understanding public organizations and people in them with special emphasis on the design, functioning and management of public agencies. Not open to non-degree students.

PA 8100Advanced Management & Leadership for Public & Nonprofit Professionals3

Course Number: PA 8100

This course is designed to advance students’ understanding and techniques about the role of leadership and ethics in the public and nonprofit sectors. Special attention will be paid on the application of theories of leadership and ethics to manage various boundary spanning activities including managing external relationships, collaborations/networks, performance, and innovation and change. Prerequisites: PA 8050 and PA 8090

PA 8120Analysis & Decision Making3

Course Number: PA 8120

This course is designed to assist students develop their skills in quantitative analysis of information relevant to public affairs. The course introduces students to fundamentals of research designs, strategies of data collection and basic statistical analysis.

PA 8300Policy Design & Implementation3

Course Number: PA 8300

This course examines the formulation, adoption, implementation and evaluation of public policy. Important topics include the basic features of American government, the causes and determinants of public policies, the dynamics of decision-making in the public sector, the obstacles to "successful" public programs, and the criteria for the assessment of a public program's impact. Special emphasis is given to the role public manager’s play within the policy process. Prereq: PA 8010, 8050, and 8090 Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8400Public Budgeting3

Course Number: PA 8400

The purpose of the course is to familiarize public administration students with the basic characteristics and features of public budgets and enable them to deal competently with them. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8530Planning & Evaluation3

Course Number: PA 8530

The basic question presented in this course is how we can use strategic planning and evaluation to build public and nonprofit organizations that function creatively and effectively, and that enhance the overall public value of their services. Prerequisites: PA 8100, PA 8050, PA 8090,and PA 8120 and PA 8300.

PA 8930Negotiation Skills In General Management3

Course Number: PA 8930

This course will focus on the theories of negotiation and the negotiating process. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, PA 8090, or permission of the school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8990Capstone Project3

Course Number: PA 8990

The purpose of this course is to allow students to integrate their graduate public administration course experiences into a project that reflects the cumulative knowledge gained from their class instruction. This class is intended only for students who are completing the master of public administration degree. The course can be taken as an alternative to comprehensive exams. Prerequisites: Completion of at least 30 hours in the M.P.A. program and school permission.

Elective Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
AVN 8020Survey of Aviation Administration and Transportation Policy3

Course Number: AVN 8020

The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with advanced concepts of aviation administration and the implementation of aviation policy within the pulic sector and to identify key concepts and critical issues both domestic and international. The primary focus is to explore the various affects that have resulted from the formation and enactment of major aviation and transportation regulatory issues. (Cross-listed with PA-8020.)

AVN 8030/8840Internship in Aviation1-6

Course Number: AVN 8030/8840

Prereq: Permission of aviation graduate program coordinator. (1-6) A maximum of 6 hours to be granted upon completion of written report on internship. The internship will be in some area of aviation administration: national, state, local or non-profit agency and in some instances public-oriented private agencies. Students will take the course as Credit/No Credit. May be taken for a maximum of 6 hours of credit.

AVN 8045Human Factors in Aviation Safety3

Course Number: AVN 8045

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of human factors as they apply to pilots and administrators. Topics will include pilot physiological and psychological issues, work station design, crew resource management, and related public sectors issues for managers. (Cross-listed with AVN-3040.)

AVN 8070Case Research3

Course Number: AVN 8070

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to key concepts through the casewriting method of interactive learning. Issues within the public sector will be explored. The casewriting experience integrates key issues and concepts. This opportunity allows the student to explore specific topical areas through the case research method. (Cross-listed with PA-8070.)

AVN 8086Airport Safety and Security3

Course Number: AVN 8086

This course will explore the role of airports in relation to safety and security. Topics will include regulations, responsibilities, security issues, ramp safety, disaster preparedness, and emergency management. Prereq: AVN 1000 or its equivalent or permission of the instructor. (Cross-listed with AVN-4080.)

AVN 8095Airport Administration and Planning3

Course Number: AVN 8095

The course covers the principles of airport master planning. Fundamental principles of airport layout and design include runway configuration, airside/lanside technology, passenger and cargo terminal. Capacity and delay effects will be emphasized. (Cross-listed with AVN-3090.)

AVN 8100Seminar in Public Administration1-3

Course Number: AVN 8100

Prereq: Permission of graduate adviser. This course is an in-depth study of the relationships between the processes of government and the practice of public administration. Broad categories of political and administrative issues are examined to determine their impact on the administration of public and non-profit agencies. (Cross-listed with PA-8100.)

AVN 8106Marketing in Public, Non-Profit and Aviation Organizations3

Course Number: AVN 8106

Marketing in Public, Non-Profit and Aviation OrganizationsThis course will focus on developing a working knowledge of marketing and its component parts as they may be applied to non-profit organizations. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the marketing process and applying marketing principles to real organizational settings. Prereq: For graduate level: Graduate and permission of instructor, and PA 8010, 8090; or permission of department.

AVN 8155Aviation Law3

Course Number: AVN 8155

This course will increase the student's knowledge of aviation law. Particular attention will focus on the manner in which legal forces affect the aviation system. Prereq: AVN 1000 or equivalent or instructor permission. (Cross-listed with AVN-3150.)(Cross-listed with AVN-4100.)

AVN 8510Aerospace Education3

Course Number: AVN 8510

The course wil take an in-depth look at the aviation and aerospace industry and its impact on society. It will seek to communicate knowledge, impact skill and develop attitudes relative to the scientific, engineering and technical, as well as the social, economic and political aspects of aviation and space flight efforts. (Cross-listed with TED-8510.)

AVN 8750Aviation Fiscal Administration3

Course Number: AVN 8750

Prereq: PA 8010 and AVN 8020. This course will combine the advanced study of aviation fiscal administration, load factor analysis, financial forecasting and yield management; as well as focus on serveral of hte differing fiscal/monetary systems being encountered with the globalization of the air transportation industry.

AVN 8896Critical Issues in Aviation3

Course Number: AVN 8896

(Same as PA 4890/8896) A study of timely as well as timeless issues in aviation. Topics will cover dynamic critical issues in the field of aviation. These issues emphasize recent and significant changes and evolutionary developments found in various components of the aviation industry. Students will need access to and a working knowledge of the World Wide Web. (Cross-listed with AVN-4890, PA-4890, PA-8896.)

AVN 8906Special Topics in Aviation Administration1-3

Course Number: AVN 8906

This course will address various topics in the Aviation Industry, determined each time the course is offered. Possible topics include international aviation, current issues and regulatory agencies within the industry, along with other topics. (Cross-listed with AVN-4900.)

AVN 8920Readings in Aviation1-3

Course Number: AVN 8920

Prereq: Eighteen hours in the MPA program or permission of graduate program committee. Specially planned readings in public administration for the graduate student who encounters scheduling problems in the completion of his degree program, or who has special preparatory needs and who is adjudged by the department to be capable of pursuing a highly independent course of study.

AVN 8940Research in Aviation1-3

Course Number: AVN 8940

Prereq: Twenty-one hours in the MPA program or permission of the graduate program committee. The course is intended for advanced graduate students in public administration. It is especially suited for those in-career students who have had their internships waived and who might profit more by in-depth research on a problem of public administration rather than additional classroom courses.

AVN 9980Directed Readings in Public Administration1-6

Course Number: AVN 9980

Prereq: Admission to Ph.D. program in public administration and permission.  This course is designed to provide the advanced graduate student with the opportunity to do extended readings on a specialized public administration topic. (Cross-listed with PA-9980)

CIVE 8610Urban Transportation Planning3

Course Number: CIVE 8610

Development of urban transportation planning objectives and goals. Data collection procedures, land use and travel forecasting techniques, trip generation, trip distribution, modal choice analysis, and traffic assignment. Site development and traffic impact analysis. Prereq: CIVE 361. (Cross-listed with CIVE-461.)

CIVE 8620Airport Planning and Design3

Course Number: CIVE 8620

Planning and design of general aviation and air-carrier airports. Land-side components include vehicle ground access systems, vehicle circulation parking and terminal buildings. Air-side componenents include aircraft apron-gate area, taxiway system, runway system and air traffic control facilities and airspace. Emphasis on design projects. Prereq: CIVE 361. (Cross-listed with CIVE-462.)

CJ 8010The Nature of Crime3

Course Number: CJ 8010

Prereq: Graduate and permission of instructor. Not open to nondegree students. This course provides an overview of the major dimensions of crime in the U.S. Content areas included are the epidemiology of crime, the costs of crime and typologies of crime and criminals.

CJ 8020Seminar in Administration of Justice3

Course Number: CJ 8020

Prereq: Graduate and permission. Not open to nondegree students.  This course is designed to provide students with a critical understanding of responses to crime. Particular emphasis is placed on theory and research bearing upon the effectiveness of the policies and strategies of the principal institutions of the criminal justice system - the police, courts and corrections. Additionally, philosophical and practical matters pertaining to "justice" and "fairness" in the administration of the criminal law are explored.

CJ 8030Criminal Justice Research Theory and Methodology3

Course Number: CJ 8030

Research theory and methodology in the social sciences as applicable to criminal justice; preparation of research designs, conceptual models; sampling procedures; and development of individual research papers. Prereq: Graduate and permission. Not open to nondegree students.

CJ 8040Seminar in Police and Society3

Course Number: CJ 8040

Prereq: Graduate and permission of instructor.  This course is designed to explore the role of the police in American society. Attention is given to the origins of policing, the nature of police organizations and police work, and patterns of relations between the police and the public. The values of a democratic society as they affect the law enforcement role are discussed.

CJ 8050Seminar in Corrections3

Course Number: CJ 8050

Prereq: Graduate and permission of instructor.  This course is designed to give an analytical perspective to the history, development, implementation and future of critical issues in the field of corrections. Primary focus will be directed toward an exploration of the various theoretical approaches to corrections and the research intended to support or refute these perspectives.

CJ 8060Seminar in the Criminal Court System3

Course Number: CJ 8060

Prereq: Graduate and permission of instructor. This course is designed to provide a social science perspective on the role of the courts in the criminal justice system. The ideals of the system will be compared with actual functioning, and court reform programs and proposals will be critically examined.

CJ 8080Seminar in Juvenile Justice3

Course Number: CJ 8080

An inquiry in the social ramifications of the entire juvenile delinquency process including labeling, detention, incarceration and tolerance. Pre- and post-adjudicatory issues are dealt with as well as a realistic perspective given to delinquency prevention strategies. Prereq: Admission to graduate program or instructor permission.

CJ 8210Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis3

Course Number: CJ 8210

This course is a survey of program evaluation and policy analysis techniques. The focus is on theoretical foundations of the Criminal Justice policy process, program development and implementation, research designs specific to program evaluation and policy research, and methodological techniques commonly used to evaluate criminal justice programs and policies Prereq: Completion of CJ 8030, Criminal Justice Research, Theory, and Methodology.

ECON 8850Seminar in Urban Economics3

Course Number: ECON 8850

An examination of the theoretical basis for the analysis of urban economic problems with emphasis upon the policy alternatives applicable toward their possible solution. Prereq: At least six hours of upper division course work in economics or permission of the instructor.

GEOG 8120Urban Geography3

Course Number: GEOG 8120

A geography of the city from the viewpoint of history, site and situation, external relations, internal relations, and the comparative study of cities. (Cross-listed with GEOG-4120.)

PA 8030Internship3

Course Number: PA 8030

Maximum of 3 hours to be granted upon completion of written report on internship. Internship in some government: national, state, local or nonprofit agency and in some instances public-oriented private agencies. Students will take course as Satisfactory Unsatisfactoy. An additinoal 3 hours may be taken through PA 8040. Prereq: Nine hours of MPA coursework and permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8110Managing Information in the Public Sector3

Course Number: PA 8110

This course is directed toward in-career and pre-career students in public administration who wish to acquire knowledge of issues in the management of information in the public sector and the basics of computing applications in the public sector. Its primary focus is on special issues in the management of information. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, and PA 8090; or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8320Policy Evaluation3

Course Number: PA 8320

PA 8320 is designed to have the students understand the role of evaluation in the policy process, to demonstrate how to conduct and implement evaluations of public programs, to illustrate the procedures for presenting an evaluation report to public officials and citizens, to introduce operational issues and problems associated with management of an office of policy evaluation, and to insure the exploration of conflicts and limitations inherent to public policy evaluation. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, PA 8090, PA 8120 and completion of at least 24 hours in the MPA program. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8410Public Human Resource Management3

Course Number: PA 8410

A study of the personnel process in American governmental administration. The processes and problems of recruiting, structuring and operating public bureaucracies are examined as well as problems in personnel leadership, neutrality, accountability and performance. Prereq: PA 8050 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8420Public Works Management3

Course Number: PA 8420

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the profession of public works management, and its relationship with urban service delivery. Students will learn substantive specialty areas of public works, as well as management techniques to improve service delivery efficiency.

PA 8436Municipal Administration3

Course Number: PA 8436

The administrative structure and administrative practices of American cities covering such areas as finance, personnel, public works, public safety, health, utilities and planning. Prereq: PA 8010 and PA 8050 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students. (Cross-listed with PA-4430.)

PA 8470Administrative Ethics and Leadership3

Course Number: PA 8470

Ethical action and effective leadership are especially important in public service and they are closely related. This course introduces students to concepts from public sector ethics and from leadership theory. Emphasis is placed on decision-making processes, relationships between public and nonprofit sector professionals and elected officials and citizens, and the role of the career public service professional in a democratic society. Prereq: PA 8050 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8480Seminar in Public Finance Administration3

Course Number: PA 8480

The study of public finance administration policy and techniques areas. Emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of public finance administration with particular emphasis on the purposes, processes and issues associated with particular techniques or technique areas. Prereq: PA 8010 and PA 8050; or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students. (Cross-listed with AVN-8480.)

PA 8500Issues in Public-Private Cooperation3

Course Number: PA 8500

This course introduces students to the organization and processes, as well as the tools and techniques, of public-private sector cooperation. The objective of such a course is to familiarize students with the concepts and skills needed to develop and administer joint activities between the public and private sectors. Such cooperative activies have become an important aspect of public administration in recent years. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, & PA 8090 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8550Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector3

Course Number: PA 8550

This course focuses on the contribution and importance of philanthropy, volunteerism and nonprofit organizations in society. Includes the differentiation between both public and private nonprofit organizations and the for profit sector. Management issues regarding nonprofit agencies is introduced. Prereq: Graduate standing and permission of adviser and PA 8010, PA 8090 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students

PA 8566Intergovernmental Management3

Course Number: PA 8566

This course is directed at those who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of intergovernmental relations as it impacts policy and administration in the United States. The course will look at history and theoretical underpinnings of intergovernmental relations, the different elements of these relationships and review specific management arenas that are affected by these relationships. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, and PA 8090; or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students. (Cross-listed with PA-4560.)

PA 8600Administrative Law3

Course Number: PA 8600

A review of the principal elements of the role and character of legal processes in government administration, including delegation of powers, legal forms of administrative action, liability of government units and officers and judicial review of administrative action. Prereq: PA 8050. Not open to nondegree students.

PA 8616Municipal Law3

Course Number: PA 8616

This course is directed at both graduates and undergraduates who wish to have some exposure to the legal issues which affect public administrators. At the conclusion of the course, each student should have a basic understanding of municipal law which defines the parameters within which a public administrator must function, as well as other laws or legal concepts which will affect them on a day-to-day basis. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to identify potential legal problems with their proposed actions. Prereq: PA 8050 or permission of school. Not open to nondegree students. (Cross-listed with PA-4610.)

PA 8896Special Topics in Public Administration3

Course Number: PA 8896

A course with the purpose of acquainting the student with key issues and topics of special concern to public and non-profit management that they otherwise would not receive elsewhere. No more than six hours of total credit in PA 8896 and PA 8906 can be taken without prior permission by the graduate program committee. Further, each topic in the course will need the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies prior to being offered. Prereq: PA 8010, PA 8050, PA 8090 or permission of the school. Not open to nondegree students. (Cross-listed with AVN-4890, AVN-8896.)

PA 8990Capstone Project for Public Administration3

Course Number: PA 8990

This course is designed as a doctoral seminar that surveys the development of public administration from its earliest antecedents to the present day, taking both a historical and topical approach. Prereq: Admission into the doctoral program or permission. Not open to nondegree students

UBNS 8020Race, Ethnicity and American Urban Culture3

Course Number: UBNS 8020

This course focuses on various theories and applications of organizing communities and neighborhoods to effect change. Of particular interest is the role of engaging citizens in improving their communities. Prereq: None Not open to nondegree students.

UBNS 8060Introduction to Urban Planning3

Course Number: UBNS 8060

This course is an introduction to the development of urban planning as it has shaped and reacted to major trends in U.S. history. It provides students with major themes and traditions in the field of planning and includes planning practice, planning procedures and methods and contemporary issues in the field. Not open to nondegree students.

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