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  • NU Advance: Non-Credit and Professional Development

    linking people to non-credit learning and credentials

  • NU Advance: Non-Credit and Professional Development

    linking people to non-credit learning and credentials

  • NU Advance: Non-Credit and Professional Development

    linking people to non-credit learning and credentials

Never Stop Learning

NU Advance is the University of Nebraska System’s course delivery platform for online non-credit and professional development offerings. You’ll find courses of all types, for anyone who is looking to better themselves without committing to a degree.


These are courses that will ask you to try harder, look deeper, and get smarter. In short, they’ll push you to learn more.


The University of Nebraska has been a hub for groundbreaking research and innovative activity ever since we were founded.


You’ll be surrounded with the best and brightest instructors and students, resulting in a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Courses are taught by University of Nebraska faculty, staff, researchers and close partners who are experts in their fields.


Each course is professionally presented and produced, letting you focus on learning and growing.


You’ll come away from these courses with more skills, knowledge, abilities—and more opportunities.

Who Are These Courses For?


NU Advance links individuals who are interested in life-long learning and increasing their life skills to meaningful courses that will improve them.


NU Advance empowers companies who want to increase their employees’ skills for a better-trained, higher-producing workforce.


NU Advance enables professionals looking to increase their job-related skills and set themselves apart in the workplace.

Earning Badges

For each course completed, learners earn a badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn, a digital portfolio, or a digital resume. Badges are a visual representation of the skill they’ve mastered.

uno bootcamp badge


horsemanship badge


unmc resiliency masterclass


Are you an organization who wants to link their employees with non-credit training?

Bootcamps & Academies

Bootcamps and academies are offerings that provide depth of knowledge in a specific, skill-based topic. They help you understand something new, build a skill, develop a competency and demonstrate new knowledge via a deliverable.


Credentials are offerings that feature a broad range of topics for specific audiences and industries ranging from K-12 to lifelong learners. These courses help you learn something new around a specific area of focus, and some are even aligned to help you stay licensed within your profession via a continuing education unit.


Masterclasses are led by experts in their field, and are similar to attending a conference. They help you build topical awareness and enrichment; connect directly with an expert; interact and engage with fellow participants; and network, reflect and apply the topic to your own career and life. A new masterclass launches each month.

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Aligned with the University’s mission of access, a wide range of content is being made available for broad use by K-12 teachers, public health professionals, and a number of other fields.

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