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Innovations That Matter

Using technology and innovation to enhance education​

Improving the Learning Experience

Every day, faculty, staff and students across the University of Nebraska are using technology to design and deliver solutions that improve teaching, learning, research and the student experience.

The NU Innovation Hub, a collaboration between Information Technology Services and the NU Office of Digital Education, works to move many of these innovative initiatives forward and help them benefit the broader university community.

More than 80 projects have been submitted to the Innovation Hub since its founding— helping to save costs for students, increase access to technology, and develop cross-campus collaborations. Learn more about a few of these initiatives below.

Open Nebraska aims to save University of Nebraska students $10 million dollars by 2023 by using no-cost digital textbooks and resources. Utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER)—which are created and licensed to be free—and first day access eBooks through campus bookstores, NU is increasing its commitment to student access and affordability.

To participate, students can select the “Open Nebraska” option under programs when completing a course search.

The University of Nebraska System believes access should not be a barrier. We aim to create environments where everyone, everywhere can access information.

Across all four of our campuses, we work to ensure a compliant digital ecosystem that is accessible for all. Systemwide training and standards, coordinated review processes, and expanded advocacy and education efforts that support the access of information technology are integral for faculty, staff and student success.

Every student learns differently, and understanding what students know—and still need to learn—can be a challenge for instructors with large class sizes. That’s where adaptive courseware adds value: personalizing the learning experience for each student on an individual level.

Adaptive Courseware Community of Practice will be launched in Spring of 2023. Faculty will study the impacts of adaptive courseware in practice as students experience content that is automatically adjusted based on their individual progress. The goal? Better student outcomes and increased degree attainment.

Digital Briefcase and Backpack

Digital Briefcase & Backpack is a University of Nebraska System initiative that streamlines and simplifies how students, faculty and staff connect to IT services—so they can learn, teach and work from wherever they are.

A clear, easy-to-understand digital toolkit is important to NU students, faculty, and staff who are operating remotely and need digital onboarding to key IT services.

The NU Applied Research in Technology Lab

The Applied Research In Technology Lab is based on partnerships with faculty members who have research interests in cybersecurity and teaching with technology. The program links these faculty members with selected faculty fellows, who each lead a study in collaboration with ITS and NU Digital Education.

The Lab helps advance faculty research goals and provides an opportunity for increased connection and use of data across NU. It also supporting our commitment to continual improvement, best practices and student success.

Learn more or become involved in the Innovation Hub.


What we aim for NU students to save by​ 2023 through OER and inclusive access digital course content efforts


The number of proposals the Innovation Hub has received from faculty and staff in just three years


The key areas of innovation: affordability, accessibility,
inclusivity and attainment. 

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