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The blended Elementary Education, Master of Science (MS) with emphasis in School Library program combines core graduate education courses with literacy, technology and school library courses for those candidates who wish to direct a PK-12 school library.  

Coursework for this nationally-recognized program builds competencies in:

  • Public services
  • Technical services
  • Leadership and management of school library media programs

The program is specifically designed around the four pillars of:

  • Evaluating research to determine the impact on classroom practice
  • Using assessment to drive instructional decision making
  • Considering culturally responsive teaching practices to teach to student strengths
  • Developing personalized theoretical frameworks for effective teaching

Career Outlook:

The 21st Century school librarian is in high demand as this educators role in supporting PK-12 student achievement through instruction and programming is recognized and required across the United States. School librarians heighten a students research and inquiry skills through a diverse array of print and digital tools. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for librarians will grow 9% from 2016 to 2026.

This program is nationally recognized by the American Association of School Librarians

About Faculty

University of Nebraska online courses are taught by expert faculty who embody the qualities resulting from research experience and professional/field experience. Students learn from faculty with a variety of backgrounds, many of whom are published researchers in their fields. NU faculty who teach online do so in a way that enables maximum learning and because technology provides students with maximum access to education.

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree

  2. 3.00 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

  3. Taken the TOEFL or IELTS

    (Only required if English is not your native language)

  4. Official transcripts from all previous schools

  5. Valid teaching certificate

NOTE: If you reside in state(s) KY, please contact a program adviser before applying.

To apply to this program:

  • Complete and submit the online application for admissions
  • Pay the $45 non-refundable application fee
  • Submit separate application to academic department
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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
August 25
Spring Semester
December 1
Summer Semester
May 1

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
TED 8006Special Methods in School Library Media3

Course Number: TED 8006

This course is designed to provide experiences for school professionals to be orchestrators of the learning environment by enhancing the knowledge, skills, competencies, and dispositions necessary to create effective learning environments in their specific content area specialization. Content of the course is determined by the discipline area.

TED 8010Introduction to Research3

Course Number: TED 8010

This course will introduce advanced degree candidates to (1) an understanding of the scientific method as applied to behavioral research, (2) assessment, evaluation, descriptive, causal-comparative, experimental and historical data gathering procedures and analytical strategies, (3) sampling theory, techniques, distribution and hypothesis testing, (4) specific designs, methods, and tools of research, (5) search and retrieval of published research, both American and international (global), in the library and over the Internet, (6) critical evaluation of research studies, (7) basic statistics, both descriptive and inferential, and (8) preparation of a research proposal containing three chapters: Problem, Review of Related Research (from an international global perspective with particular sensitivity toward multicultural issues), and Methodology. Prereq: Graduate standing.

TED 8060Current Issues and Trends3

Course Number: TED 8060

The course is an advanced study of current issues and trends which have substantial impact on P-12 education in the U.S.A. The graduate candidates who take this class will read important material related to the issues and apply analysis, synthesis, and evaluative techniques to it so that they are conversant with the issues and some of the relevant research from knowledgeable scholars. Prereq: Graduate status

TED 8190Contemporary Issues in Urban Education3

Course Number: TED 8190

This course is designed for candidates who wish to keep abreast of contemporary issues which confront the educational institution and teaching profession within the urban milieu. Prereq: Graduate Status

TED 8430School Curriculum Planning3

Course Number: TED 8430

This course is designed to provide advanced degree candidates with an understanding of the theory, principles, and practices utilized in curriculum planning in American schools. This course focuses on the principles and practices of effective curriculum planning and teachers' part in these processes as curriculum developers.

TED 8596Teaching & Learning in Digital Environments3

Course Number: TED 8596

This course introduces technology and technical literacies required of educators and information specialists in 21st Century libraries and classrooms. Course topics include information literacy, instructional design in digital environments, Web page design and construction, social networking and learning, and academic integrity.

TED 8650Children's Literature and Education3

Course Number: TED 8650

Explores story, poetry, drama, and informational materials for children. Examines current issues, recent materials, and the theoretical and research base of this field to develop meaningful and creative learning, literacy, and library experiences for children. Literacy resources and activities for students from preschool through grade six.

TED 8716Reference Resources and Services3

Course Number: TED 8716

Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of the theories, concepts and activities integral to reference resources and services in 21st Century libraries and information agencies. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of effective search strategies and efficient use of both print and digital resources, design and promote information literacy instruction that is developmentally appropriate, and understand the legal and ethical responsibilities integral to positive and proactive reference services for patrons and diverse learners.

TED 8746Cataloging and Classification3

Course Number: TED 8746

Candidates will demonstrate a basic understanding of the theories, concepts and activities of descriptive and subject cataloging and classification procedures of books in 21st Century libraries and information agencies using the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd edition, the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal.

TED 8766Managing Collections in Libraries & Information Agencies3

Course Number: TED 8766

Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of the theories, concepts and activities integral to proactive collection management in 21st Century libraries and information agencies. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of community analysis, collection analysis, and the ability to conduct critical evaluations of a diverse array of information resources.

TED 8800Multicultural Literature for Children and Youth3

Course Number: TED 8800

This is designed as a graduate-level course dealing with utilization of literary materials representing authors and content from multiple perspectives, particularly authors whose cultural and ethnic backgrounds differ from the mainstream.

TED 8806Leadership & Management in Libraries & Information Agencies3

Course Number: TED 8806

Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of the theories, concepts and activities integral to leading and managing 21st Century libraries and information agencies. Candidates will demonstrate an understanding of leadership principles and management strategies that engage policies and procedures that support the personal, academic and professional needs for patrons and diverse learners.

Cost for Nebraska Residents

  • Per Credit Hour

  • Tuition: $342.00
  • Fees: $52.25
  • Total: $394.25
  • 3 Credit Hours

  • Tuition: $1026.00
  • Fees: $156.75
  • Total: $1182.75

Cost for Out of State Residents

  • Per Credit Hour

  • Tuition: $445.00
  • Fees: $52.25
  • Total: $497.25
  • 3 Credit Hours

  • Tuition: $1335.00
  • Fees: $156.75
  • Total: $1491.75

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What's it like to take a program online?

  • Quality learning experience

    The University of Nebraska has offered distance education courses for more than 100 years so you can expect a quality, rigorous experience. Online courses are often highly interactive with faculty and students communicating through e-mail, discussion forums and chat groups. You’ll have direct access to world-class faculty – researchers who are experts in their fields or practitioners with real-world experience. Also, you’ll be part of a community of learners and can benefit from the perspectives of students from across the globe.

  • Flexibility

    Online learning gives you the flexibility and freedom to attend your classes wherever is convenient to you. You can save time and money by being able to continue to work and by avoiding relocation or travel costs. You will be required to complete assignments in a certain timeframe, but in most instances, you can log in and complete coursework during the time of day that works best for you. You aren’t tied to a specific class time.

  • Service you expect from a leading University

    Online learners at the University of Nebraska have access to the same student services available to on-campus students. An academic adviser will guide you along your journey, library services are available to help you excel in your program and career services are available when you are ready to take your next step. These are just a few of the services in place to help you succeed.

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