Political Science, MS

Master of Science Degree in Political Science

University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Program Overview

The online Political Science, MS program offers a broad foundation in political science inclusive of American government, comparative politics, international relations, political theory and methodology. Courses apply theories, frameworks and methodology for students to learn, analyze and evaluate relevant issues. This program has the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration.  

Students choose this program because of the:

  • High-quality curriculum from a distinguished university.
  • Award-winning faculty.
  • Convenience and affordable tuition.
  • Knowledge and skill acquisition for their desired careers.

The flexibility of this program encourages students to create an approved program of study that incorporates interests in other disciplines such as communications, criminal justice, economics, geography, history, psychology, public administration, social work, sociology, teacher education and urban studies. 

The online program includes: 

  • Methodology seminar
  • 4 content seminars, in areas including American Government, Leadership, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Constitutional Law, US Foreign Policy and Political Theory.
  • 4 electives in political science and/or approved courses in a related field
  • The option to incorporate a concentration in International Affairs, a certificate in Intelligence and National Security, or certificate in Government into their program

Career Outlook: This program prepares graduates for careers in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Academia/Education
  • Government/Military
  • Intelligence and National Security
  • International Business
  • International Organizations
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Policy Analyst
  • Politics

Admissions and Requirements

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. A Bachelor's degree

    15 credit hours in political science-related courses is preferred. The selection committee looks for previous coursework in American government, political theory, international relations, comparative politics, and social science (quantitative) methodology. Students without the above undergraduate background in political science may be admitted on a provisional basis and be required to take prerequisite courses before starting graduate work. Students must earn a grade of B or above in each of these courses.

  2. 3 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

  3. A written personal statement

    Personal statement (1-2 pages) explaining why the applicant is seeking admission into this program, how his/her academic/professional experiences can contribute to his/her success in this program, and how this program will contribute to his/her future academic/professional ambitions.

  4. 2 letters of recommendation

    Two letters of recommendation from a former professor (preferred), supervisor, or individual that can speak to one's academic potential in a graduate program. If students have recently graduated from UNO, it is expected that one of the letters will be from a UNO political science faculty member. It is preferred that students use their references' institutional (.edu) or professional email.

  5. Official transcripts from all previous schools

  6. Submission of an academic, research-based writing sample. The sample must be written in English, include citations, and be a minimum of five pages in length. This writing sample can be a previous assignment. If no such paper exists, the applicant should contact the academic program coordinator for an alternative assignment.

  7. Professional Resume.

  8. Applicants are required to have a command of oral and written English. Those who do not hold a baccalaureate or other advanced degree from the U.S., OR a baccalaureate or other advanced degree from a pre-determined country on the waiver list, must meet the minimum language proficiency score requirement in order to be considered for admission. A minimum score of 80 on an internet-based TOEFL, with no sub-score under 15, or the IELTS and PTE English proficiency tests are also accepted. Those scores must translate to the minimum internet-based TOEFL equivalent to be considered for admission. Passing with a minimum score does not guarantee admission into the program.

NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states

To apply to this program:

  1. Complete and submit the online application for admissions
  2. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee

Courses You’ll Take

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
PSCI 8200Seminar in Foreign Policy and National Security3
This course introduces students to classic and contemporary scholarship on the formulation and implementation of foreign and national security policy in the United States with an emphasis on engaging in thoughtful discussion and individual research. Prerequisite: Permission of graduate adviser
PSCI 8500Seminar in Comparative Politics3
This course introduces students to classic and contemporary scholarship on the issues, theories, and methodological approaches associated with the systematic and comparative study of nation-states and their political systems with an emphasis on engaging in thoughtful discussion and individual research. Prerequisite: Permission of graduate adviser
PSCI 8300Seminar in Political Theory3
Analysis of selected topics in normative, empirical and ideological political theory and their impact upon practitioners of politics. Prereq: Six hours of political theory or permission of graduate adviser.
PSCI 8040Seminar in American Government and Politics3
A thorough analysis of selected aspects of the structure and function of the American political system with emphasis on individual research by the student. Prereq: Permission of graduate adviser.
PSCI 8910Political Internship3
Internship in governmental and related agencies, augmented by seminars, individual instruction, and assigned readings, to directly learn the politics of policy advocacy, development and implementation at the local, state and national levels of government. Prereq: Graduate, permission of the department.
PSCI 8980Research Tutorial3
Directed research on a subject to be determined in consultation with the graduate advisor and tutorial director. Prereq: Permission of graduate advisor. Not open to nondegree students.
PSCI 8900Readings in Political Science6
Specially planned readings in political science for the graduate student who encounters scheduling problems in the completion of his/her degree program, or who has special preparatory needs and who is adjudged by the political science department to be capable of pursuing a highly independent course of study. Prereq: Permission of graduate adviser.
PSCI 8150Seminar in Constitutional Law3
This course introduces students to the Constitution and the Supreme Court's exercise of judicial review in relation to governmental powers, civil rights, and civil liberties.
PSCI 8000Seminar in Research Methods3
A critical investigation of the methods of data collection and analysis for political science research. Prereq: Permission of graduate adviser.
PSCI 8220Seminar on International Leadership and Strategy3
This course introduces students to international leadership and strategy theory, research and application.
PSCI 8120Seminar in Leadership (PSCI 8120)3
This course introduces students to classical and contemporary scholarship on leadership theory, research, and application. Students gain a foundation in models of leadership, assess their own leadership styles, and learn to integrate what they learn in corporate, governmental, non-profit, or community organizations.
PSCI 8990Thesis (PSCI 8990)3 - 6
A research project, written under the supervision of a graduate adviser in the Department of Political Science, in which the students establish their capacity to design, conduct and complete an original, independent, scholarly investigation of a high order. The research topic and the completed project must be approved by the student's departmental committee.
PSCI 8250Seminar in International Relations (PSCI 8250) 3
This course introduces students to classic and contemporary scholarship on the issues, theories, and methodological approaches associated with the study of the nation-state system, international law, international organizations, international security, and globalization.

Tuition & Fees

Nebraska Residents

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3 Credit Hours


Out of State Residents

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3 Credit Hours

Michelle Black, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Michelle Black teaches on the areas of security studies specifically centering on U.S. foreign policy, insurgency/terrorism, intelligence/national security and deterrence analysis. Her research focuses on insurgency developing after war and deterring violent extremist organizations.

Application Deadlines
  • Fall SemesterJun 16
  • Spring SemesterOct 16
  • Summer SemesterMar 16