Architecture, MS (Interior Design)

Master of Science Degree in Architecture with a Specialization in Interior Design

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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Program Overview

The online Architecture, MS (Interior Design) degree prepares individuals for leadership roles in developing theory and applying it to 21st-century interior environments. 

Students of the Architecture, MS (Interior Design) program gain skills to:

  • Identify, research and creatively solve problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment.
  • Perform services relative to interior spaces including programming, design analysis, space planning and aesthetics.
  • Prepare all drawings and documents.

Students will gain research and theory-based problem-solving skills needed to address the increased complexity of interior built environments. Combining previous education, practical experience and scholarly inquiry, students will create new knowledge to advance the discipline and meet their career goals. The MS degree is a post-professional degree that provides opportunities for the student to examine current issues in depth. 

Students will explore issues that include the integration of design research into:

  • Professional practice
  • Sustainability
  • Health and wellness
  • Senior living
  • Aging in place
  • Learning environments
  • Interior design pedagogy
  • Material culture

The program is for graduates of an interior design program. The courses are taught by award-winning faculty with real-world experience. Students engaged in the program have a wide variety of opportunities for specialization within interior design. If interested in designing for aging adults, the program offers a dual Interior Design and Gerontology Certificate as part of the required program courses.

Students select courses within areas of interest including:

  • Healthcare
  • Workplace
  • Education environments
  • Wellness
  • Environmentally-conscious design

Career Outlook: Interior designers create beautiful, functional spaces for homes, offices and factories. Designers work to meet new industry standards, including creating spaces that are environmentally friendly and easily accessible. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for interior designers is projected to increase at a rate of 4%, which is as fast as average. The Bureau also reports that in 2016, about 1 in 5 interior designers were self-employed. 

Admissions and Requirements

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. A Bachelor's degree

    Undergraduate degree in architecture, interior design, or a closely related field

  2. 3 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

  3. Taken the GRE

  4. Taken the TOEFL or IELTS

    (Only required if English is not your native language)

  5. A written personal statement

  6. 3 letters of recommendation

  7. Official transcripts from all previous schools

  8. Portfolio of work

NOTE: This program is authorized, exempt, or not subject to state regulatory compliance and may enroll students from all 50 states

To apply to this program:

  1. Complete and submit the online application for Graduate Studies
  2. Pay $50 application fees
  3. Submit separate application to academic department
  4. Use GAMES for online submission of materials

Courses You’ll Take

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ARCH 835Advanced Lighting Design3
Lec 1, lab 4. Prereq: ARCH 333 or IDES 335 or by permission. Translation of physical measurements of sensory stimuli into architectural-spatial relationships with respect to artificial and natural illumination; advanced lighting theories and techniques through lecture, discussion, simulation, and direct application to spatial design/development.
ARCH 841Architecture History & Theory II3
Lec 3. Prereq: For students in the professional program: formal acceptance into the architecture program by faculty or permission Selected aspects of the history and theory of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century architecture emphasizing the intellectual impact and material expression of cultural change.
ARCH 842Contemporary Architecture3
Lec 3. Prereq: For students in the professional program: formal acceptance into the architectural program by faculty or permission. Selected aspects of contemporary architectural theory and design from the mid-twentieth century to the present emphasizing the diversity of current thought and practice.
ARCH 846Architecture, Society, and Culture II3
Prereq: ARCH 542/842 or permission Theory and criticism in architecture since 1945 as they relate to contemporary American society and culture, with reference to those parallel in other humanities disciplines, including arts, linguistics, literary criticism, and philosophy.
ARCH 857Housing Issues in Contemporary Society2
Prereq: Permission Survey of social, psychological, political and economic research regarding housing in today’s global economy. Focus on how the research can impact the practice of design at the interior and architectural as well as the community and regional planning scale.
ARCH 863Architectural Preservation3
Lec 3. Introduction to the principles, processes, and practice of architectural preservation and the conservation of historic districts.
ARCH 897Digital Environments3
ARCH/IDES 885Design Evaluation and Research3
Research Methods in Architecture and Interior Design (IDES *885) Research methods employed by the diverse specializations within the disciplines of architecture and interior design. Methods which contribute to a theoretical and informational body of knowledge as well as those contributing directly to design application.
CRPL 800Introduction to Planning3
Lec. Field of community and regional planning is introduced in relation to the history of cities, urbanization, and regionalization. Origins and evolution of American urban and regional planning practice. The planning process as a response to social, political, physical, and economic factors is analyzed. Community comprehensive planning process, plan implementation, and functionalareas of planning.
IDES 847African Architecture3
Survey of the architectural traditions of the African continent, from pre-historic times to the present day.  Buildings - famous and typical- theories, and approaches that are appropriate to the specific cultural environments.
IDES 856Behavioral and Social Factors in Environmental Design Behavior3
(Arch 556/856) Prereq: Permission Survey of theory, methods, research and findings from the social and behavioral sciences as they relate to architectural design, interior design, and regional and community planning. Application of principles to architectural and interiors programs, designs, and the planning process.
IDES 858The Changing Workplace3
Prereq: Permission Survey of theory, methods, research and findings from the social and behavioral sciences as they relate to architectural design, interior design, and regional and community planning. Application of principles to architectural and interiors programs, designs, and the planning process. Cross-listed as ARCH 558/858
IDES 870Design Problems in the Interior Built Environment3 - 6
Design Problems with the Interior Built Environment - As a primary vehicle for design education, studio teaching is a critical component of any design program. This course explores strategies for teaching and learning directly related to studio education.
IDES 881Women in Design3
Prereq: Admission to the BSAS program or permissionIntensive study of particular historical and contemporary contributions by women to the design professions related to the built environment. Evaluation of design work by and about women seen in their aesthetic and intellectual context. Examinations of the roles and values of women in design and their impact on the assumptions and issues currently held by the profession
IDES 882Color in the Built Environment3
Lec 3. Prereq: Admission to the third year in architecture or interior design program; or permission Advanced color theories and their application to the Built environment.
IDES 883Domesticity and Power in the Colonial World3
Lec 3. Prereq: Permission Colonial architecture as a world-wide phenomenon. Re-examines the relationship between architecture, politics, and ethical values. The colonial domestic sphere are viewed as a counterpoint to the public arena.
IDES 884Material Culture: the Social Life of Things3
Lec 3. Prereq: Permission Theories and practices of material culture. History and interior design--and indeed the broad category of humanity itself--through the lens of material objects.
IDES 886Evolving Issues in Design3
Contemporary and controversial issues. Nuances of the field and practice of interior design and its relationship to the allied design disciplines.
IDES 891Teaching Strategies for Design3
IDES 891Portfolio Design3

Tuition & Fees

Nebraska Residents

Per Credit Hour


3 Credit Hours


Out of State Residents

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3 Credit Hours

Lindsey Bahe
Associate Professor, Interim Director Interior Design

Lindsey Bahe has taught and developed a range of courses within the Interior Design curriculum. Before her academic career, Bahe practiced as an architectural design professional working on large scale commercial and public buildings, later she continued her practice focusing primarily on residential design. Bahe is deeply committed to the education of future designers of the built environment and her classroom instruction and teaching have been nationally recognized.

Application Deadlines

Rolling admissions. Application review will begin upon receipt of all required application materials.