Advance your career by earning a degree or certificate in health sciences online

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Most of our students are full-time working adults and online learning gives them the flexibility to take a few courses a semester while also maintaining their busy life schedules.

Advance your career with an online program in health sciences

The University of Nebraska (NU) offers a variety of degrees and certificates in health sciences to help you advance your career in healthcare. Courses are taught by the same prestigious faculty you'd find on the NU campuses.

Bachelor's Degree Options:
Applied Health Sciences, BS
Gerontology, BS or BMS
Medical Imaging & Therapeutic Sciences, BS*
*must be practicing imaging or radiation science professional
Medical Laboratory Science, BS*
*must be practicing medical or clinical laboratory technician
Nursing, RN to BSN

Master's Degree Options:
Critical & Creative Thinking, MA (Health & the Environment)
Emergency Preparedness, MS
Health Professions Teaching & Technology, MHPTT
Health Sciences, MS
Healthcare Delivery Science, MHDS
Long-Term Care Management, MS
Nutrition & Health Sciences, MS (Dietetics)
Perfusion Science, MPS*
*must be practicing perfusionist
Public Health, MPH (Biostatistics)
Public Health, MPH (Emergency Preparedness)
Public Health, MPH (Environmental & Occupational Health)
Public Health, MPH (Epidemiology)
Public Health, MPH (Health Promotion)
Public Health, MPH (Health Services Administration & Policy)
Public Health, MPH (Maternal & Child Health)

Doctorate Degree Options:
Public Health Practice, DrPH
Public Health Practice, DrPH (Emergency Preparedness)
Public Health Practice, DrPH (Epidemiology)

Certificate Options:
Applied Biostatistics, Graduate Certificate
Emergency Preparedness, Graduate Certificate
Gerontology, Graduate Certificate
Gerontology, Undergraduate Certificate
Health Professions Teaching & Technology, Graduate Certificate
Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Graduate Certificate
Occupational Safety & Health, Graduate Certificate
Public Health, Graduate Certificate
Public Health, Graduate Certificate (Maternal & Child Health)

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