What is a Home Campus at NU?

Oct 29, 2021

4 min read

At the University of Nebraska, online students pursue their degree program directly through one of the four campuses. These campuses include the University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Nebraska—Lincoln, University of Nebraska at Omaha and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

When selecting a program of interest, students connect with a program advisor from the home campus offering the program. Some programs may have students take courses from other campuses, but they will always be considered a student of their University of Nebraska home campus. Undergraduate degrees and certificates are issued by the home campus; all graduate degrees are issued by the University of Nebraska.

Just a few ways a home campus serves an online student:

Evaluation of Transfer Credits

Some students decide to transfer schools while others have earned an associate’s degree and want to apply those credits to a bachelor’s degree. Whatever the case is, each college that awards the specific degree is responsible for the evaluation and acceptance of transfer credits. Prospective students interested in transferring credits can work with the admissions office at the home campus they plan to enroll at or with an advisor in the college offering the program. Learn more about the process to transfer credits.

Application for Admission

Once a program is selected, students apply directly to their home campus. Reviewing the program information, admission requirements or other requirements that are specific to that program is a good first step to ensure eligibility to apply. Not ready to apply? That’s alright. Fill out a Request for Information form and get in contact with a program advisor that can answer all your questions before applying.

Academic Adviser Assigned

After applying and being accepting into a program, University of Nebraska’s home campuses offer online students the opportunity to work directly with an academic advisor. The advisor specific to the program can help students plot their program of study and make sure they are on track to graduate.

Financial Aid

Students who pursue a degree online may be eligible for financial aid, including scholarships, grants and loans. Whether you are considering an undergraduate or graduate degree online, the office of financial aid at your home campus will answer your questions, provide information and help you find options to afford your education. Learn more about how to afford an online program with the University of Nebraska.

University of Nebraska campuses are fully accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission, and many programs that also carry accreditation by prestigious associations in specific fields. For more information about the 150+ online programs and to request more information, visit online.nebraska.edu.