What Can An Online Certificate From NU Do For You?

Jan 19, 2022

4 min read

Certificates are an increasingly popular option for individuals looking to stand out in their career field, develop their skillset and advance their education in a short amount of time. Certificates are academic programs that certify your knowledge in a field of study and are often shorter than traditional undergraduate and graduate degree programs. As workforce demands grow, there is a greater need for workers to remain up to date with their industry’s knowledge. The University of Nebraska offers more than 50 online certificate programs that can help students achieve their professional and personal goals while working full-time.

Stand Out In Your Career Field

Many students choose an online certificate program to provide distinction to their current degree, such as Joey Cadek, a University of Nebraska at Kearney Family Studies major. Cadek always knew he wanted to help people in some way, and when his grandparents became ill, he helped take care of them. Cadek’s personal experiences helped spark his interest in studying gerontology and while registering for his final semester at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Cadek’s advisor told him about the Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Cadek realized he could earn the certificate online while completing his undergraduate degree. About his certificate, Cadek said, “It made me more qualified for my job during the application process and the classes I took through the certificate program definitely gave me the knowledge to excel in my position.”

Develop Your Skillset

Certificates allow students to learn and develop skills that set them apart from their coworkers. Advancing your skill set can offer upward mobility in your career and a wider range of job opportunities.

A Program to Fit Your Life

Pursuing a certificate online is a great way for busy, full-time working individuals to further their education without stopping their lives. Many online students at the University of Nebraska are part-time students, taking a course or two a semester. Generally, certificates at one of the four campuses are between 12 and 18 credit hours and can be completed in as quickly as a year, or students can choose to take longer. Some online certificates can also be applied towards a bachelor’s or master’s program later. Discuss this option with an advisor before starting a program.

The University of Nebraska offers online certificate options for both undergraduate and graduate students in fields such as:

Agriculture & Life Sciences

Architecture & Interior Design


Computer Science



Family Studies & Human Services

Health Sciences

Humanities & Arts

Journalism & Communications


Multidisciplinary Studies

Natural & Physical Sciences

Public Administration & Community Service

Public Health

Social Sciences

Students choose online certificate programs from the University of Nebraska because they gain an advanced credential from an accredited, leading university.

University of Nebraska campuses are fully accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission, and many programs that also carry accreditation by prestigious associations in specific fields. For more information about the 150+ online programs and to request more information, visit online.nebraska.edu