Transfer College Credits and Finish Your Degree with NU

Jan 19, 2022

3 min read

Whether you are just starting to consider going to school online or already earned some college credits in another program, the University Nebraska (NU) can help you navigate the transfer of credits and complete your degree.   

Here to Help

The University of Nebraska (NU) assists all types of students. Some students decide to transfer schools while others have earned an associate’s degree and want to apply those credits to a bachelor’s degree. Whatever your case is, NU is here to provide a smooth transition that applies as many credits as possible to help students achieve their professional and personal goals in one of the 150+ online programs offered through the University of Nebraska.

The Pay Off

It pays to apply your credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Over the course of a career, someone with a bachelor’s degree will earn $1 million more than a person without. Employers are seeking those with bachelor’s degrees. By 2028, there will be 19 million more jobs available than qualified workers to fill them (U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Education).

The Process

At the University of Nebraska the college that awards the specific degree is responsible for the evaluation and acceptance of transfer credits. Prospective students interested in transferring credits can work with the admissions office at the campus they plan to enroll at or with an advisor in the college offering the program. Fill out a form and request more information to get connected and start your transfer credit evaluation. By contacting the campus that offers the program you are interested in early in the process, you are taking the first step to efficiently getting on the track towards academic success and achieving career goals.

Transfer policies are in place at each of the four campuses of the University of Nebraska. For more information on campus guidelines:

UNK Transfer Credit Acceptance

UNL Undergraduate Admissions

UNL Graduate Admissions

UNO Undergraduate Admissions

UNO Graduate Studies

For transfer credit information on University of Nebraska Medical Center programs, please submit a request for more information for your program of interest and you will be connected with a contact within the program who can provide additional information.

For students transferring credits from higher education institutions within the state of Nebraska, the Transfer Nebraska website provides a resource to research course transferability.

University of Nebraska campuses are fully accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission, and many programs that also carry accreditation by prestigious associations in specific fields. For more information about the 150+ online programs and to request more information, visit