Three Reasons to Start Your Online Math or Science Education Degree

Jan 19, 2022

3 min read

Math and science are pivotal parts of a student’s education. A solid academic foundation in these subjects help students to develop life-long aptitudes that allow them to analyze problems and seek answers that can positively impact themselves and their communities. Students who have a strong mastery of math and science show self-confidence around financial literacy, pursue STEM-based careers and possess the tools to make informed and logical decisions. Educators interested in advancing their careers and furthering their own knowledge in math and science to bring back to their classrooms can do so with the flexibility of an online degree with the University of Nebraska. 

Flexibility to Take Courses on Your Schedule

The University of Nebraska (NU) recognizes that not everyone can come to one of the four campuses to pursue their education. NU offers fully online certificates, bachelors and master’s programs that fit the schedule of working professionals, many of them educators. With the flexibility to work on course work when a student’s schedule allows, educators can start courses during the summer months and take a course or two through the school year.

Impact Your Classroom

Expand the science and math knowledge in your classroom and help build a future workforce of problem solvers who are ready to thrive in a STEM-focused world. Science and math develop strong critical-thinking and technical problem-solving skills that prepare students for many career fields. With strong math and science skill sets, students are primed to continue their education collegiately and pursue numerous related fields that offer robust career opportunities. Communities are seeking individuals with these skills to ensure success in a global economy that is built on the strength of its innovators.

Career Advancement

Educators who decide to pursue continuing education often see a return on their investment through expanded leadership opportunities and salary increases. Online courses at the University of Nebraska are challenging, current and relevant. Diplomas and transcripts for online students are identical to those of on-campus students. Educators with advanced degrees often continue to teach in the classroom, but may also choose to move into positions to lead departments, support other teachers with curriculum or work at the district level.

Learn more about one of the online math and science education programs at the University of Nebraska:

Science/Math, MS Ed

Applied Science, MAS (Science for Educators)

Curriculum & Instruction MA Ed (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Biology, MS

Mathematics, MAT

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