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The role of special education in the U.S. demands oversight to ensure all students with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges have access to quality education. This online program prepares educators to provide administrative oversight for special education programs that meet the needs of students and comply with state and federal regulations. 

This master's degree meets the Nebraska Department of Education requirements for an added Supervisor of Special Education Endorsement or Administrative Certificate for students who have earned a master's degree as principal, or have completed an endorsement program as principal in an accredited Nebraska college or university. Out-of-state students who apply for the Education Specialist degree and complete the degree program will need to check with their respective state certification officers.

This program is accredited by Teacher Education Association, Nebraska Department of Education and Council on Education for the Deaf
This program has been ranked by US News and World Report for excellence in online education
Brian Wojcik, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor

With more than 20 years of experience teaching special education courses, Brian Wojcik has worked extensively with students interested in working with individuals with special disabilities. His research interests involve building systems that support effective use of technologies in school settings to meet the needs of diverse learners. This includes preparing future teachers to use technology effectively in order to meet the needs of the students.

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree

    Bachelor's degree in education from an accredited institution

  2. 2.75 GPA or above on a 4.0 scale

  3. A license/certificate required

    Standard teaching certificate and current Special Education endorsement

  4. Previous work experience

    Two years experience as a Special Education teacher

  5. 3 letters of recommendation

    Two from school administrators plus one from another individual who can comment on applicant's potential to do graduate study and for educational leadership.

  6. Official transcripts from all previous schools

  7. A resume and an essay on why you wish to pursue a career in school administration

  8. Have a satisfactory score on the Praxis I Test if you have not taught for three consecutive years in the same school system

NOTE: If you reside in state(s) KY, please contact a program adviser before applying.

To apply to this program:

  • Complete and submit the online application for admissions
  • Pay the $45 non-refundable application fee
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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
June 15
Spring Semester
October 15
Summer Sessions
March 15

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CSP 800Advanced Educational Psychology3

Course Number: CSP 800

This course focuses on school learning, its assessment and factors that are related to it. These factors include, for example, learner's development and characteristics (biological, psychological, cultural and social), learner's exceptionalities, teacher's instructional and behavior management techniques, and social influences. Current issues and problems will be studied and discussed in a seminar setting. There will also be opportunity to study topics of individual concern.

EDAD 831Social Foundations of Education3

Course Number: EDAD 831

Sample Syllabus This course provides insight into the relationship of education to the social order, a rationale for the underlying philosophy of education, and an understanding of how political theory and social forces provide for school organization and authority.

EDAD 833EDAD Assessment Leadership3

Course Number: EDAD 833

This course provides educators with the knowledge base and skills required to provide leadership with regards to assessment issues which include but are not exclusive to analysis of data to improve instruction; utilization of assessment instruments for guiding instruction to determine best practices for improved student learning; engagement in continuous evaluation of curriculum and instruction; development of criteria for evaluating data. Using basic knowledge, students will identify an assessment issue of individual significance and develop background information, data, and materials needed to provide leadership with regards to this topic. Prerequisites: enrollment in a Master's or Educational Specialist degree program

EDAD 842Administration of Special Education3

Course Number: EDAD 842

The purpose of this course is to provide the school administrator information concerning legal aspects of special education, identification of special needs students, and options available in programming for handicapped students.

EDAD 848Curriculum Planning3

Course Number: EDAD 848

The current arena in which principals function is constantly being impacted by societal forces and conditions. The class is designed to assist students to understand major curriculum design models, to interpret school district curricula, and to adjust content as needs and conditions change. The course is designed to prepare individuals for positions in educational administration, particularly those who are interested in the school principalship. Students will study the basic principles of curriculum planning as they relate to curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation.

EDAD 851Human Resource Management3

Course Number: EDAD 851

This course deals with aspects of human resource management, including recruitment, selection, orientation, evaluation, staff development, affirmative action, contract management, and collective negotiations. Course emphasis remains on the function of personnel actions on behalf of quality classroom instruction.

EDAD 854Introduction to Educational Administration3

Course Number: EDAD 854

The course is designed to provide an overview of the function of educational administration in school district organizations. Students will explore the role of the school principal as an instructional leader and a change agent. In addition to the comprehensive coverage of theory and research, there will be a focus on practical applications that are designed to help students implement their acquired knowledge.

EDAD 855Supervision of Instruction3

Course Number: EDAD 855

This course is designed to assist students in obtaining entry-level understandings and skills relating to the supervision of instruction.

EDAD 890Introduction to Educational Research3

Course Number: EDAD 890

This course is designed to explore the attributes of educational research and the roles of the educator in appraising and conducting reliable and valid research studies. Students will not only explore the attributes of effective research and learn to evaluate the quality, efficacy, and validity of research studies, but also learn how to do meaningful research inquiry so that they can design effective research studies and collect, analyze, and interpret data effectively in the study of educational questions at the classroom, building, or district level.

EDAD 940Administrative Theory3

Course Number: EDAD 940

This course introduces students to aspects of current administrative theory by treating the school district as a social system in need of organization, leadership, and change. Styles and effects of human behavior in organizations are explored.

EDAD 956School/Community Relations3

Course Number: EDAD 956

This course is designed to provide the student with an analysis of principles, practices and materials that facilitate the adjustment and interpretation of schools to their internal and external publics, along with an examination of the function of the media and the roles of schools and community groups in an effective school public relations program.

EDAD 998Internship3

Course Number: EDAD 998

Internships are designed to provide administrative experience for students having limited administrative background and to strengthen skills of those who have served as administrators. This course is required for all Specialist Degree candidates.

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  • Total: $1062.75

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  • Tuition: $1275.00
  • Fees: $156.75
  • Total: $1431.75

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