Online Certificates from the University of Nebraska

More than 50 online certificate programs to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

What can a certificate from NU do for you?

As workforce demands grow, there is a greater need for workers to remain up to date with industry knowledge. An online certificate is a fast and useful way to develop skills, add to a resume and expand job opportunities. With an online certificate program from the University of Nebraska, students can remain in their current jobs while pursuing further education.

Generally, certificates at one of the four NU campuses are between 12 and 18 credit hours. Some students complete their program in a year and others take courses as their lives allow. Online certificates can also be applied towards a bachelor’s or master’s program in some cases. Discuss this option with an advisor before starting a program. 

Undergraduate programs are designed for students with at least a high school diploma and graduate certificate programs require students to have a bachelor's degree or higher. 

50+ online certificate programs in areas such as:

• Agriculture & Life Sciences

• Architecture & Interior Design

• Business

• Computer Science

• Education

• Engineering

• Family Studies & Human Services

• Health Sciences

• Humanities & Arts

• Journalism & Communications

• Law

• Multidisciplinary Studies

• Natural & Physical Sciences

• Public Administration & Community Service

• Public Health

• Social Sciences

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