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Integrated Media Communications

Specialization of Journalism & Mass Communications, MA

This specialization will consist of 18 hours in the major (advertising and public relations) and 9 hours in at least one minor: marketing or speech communication. Students may also select two minors: marketing and speech communication. The 36 credit-hour M.A. degree program specialization can be completed part-time or full-time. Students may earn the entire degree without commuting to campus. The program is designed to accommodate the needs of students who do not necessarily have formal education in advertising and public relations but seek an advanced degree to pursue professional careers in the field. Students are expected to have taken a basic statistics course.

The objective of the specialization is to provide industry professionals with skills needed in the profession and to update their knowledge about the rapidly changing media and marketing environment in which they operate. To achieve the objective, online courses have been developed to integrate content, pedagogy, and real world applications. 

For additional information about admissions requirements, tuition and fees and other degree details, please visit the Journalism & Mass Communications, MA page.

Course Name
Course #
Core Courses

Advertising and Public Relations Research

ADPR 881

Prereq: ADPR 832. Research in the planning, development and evaluation of advertising. The research process, the use of secondary sources of information, and how to analyze data from these sources. The planning and execution of primary research. Survey techniques.

Professional project or advanced coursework

JGRD 992

Development of thesis topic may come from JGRD 992. JGRD 992 is designed for increasing competency in professional practice and depending on goals, may be concentrated in ADVT, BRDC, or NEWS. Translation of social, political, and economic affairs to mass audiences in both print and electronic media.

Strategic Communications Advertising Issues and...

JGRD 830

Strategic Communications Advertising Issues and Strategies

Business of advertising and promotion, and the processes and planning involved in strategic promotional communication. Current issues and strategies faced by advertising practitioners, the importance of branding, integrated marketing communications and promotion. Creation of a strategic marketing plan.

Advertising Management

ADPR 884

Prereq: ADPR 832 and 860. The managerial philosophy, techniques, and processes in advertising. Includes organizational structures, integrated marketing communications, strategic planning, marketing planning, advertising planning, advertising research, budgeting, and decision paradigms.

Elective Courses

Consumer Behavior

MKT 838

Prereq: MKT 300

A detailed and in-depth analysis of why and how people buy, based upon an understanding of the nature of consumer behavior on both the micro and macro levels; includes the effects of internal and external influences on decision making.


MKT 857

The pragmatic and theoretical aspects of E-marketing, including E-mail orders and direct response advertising, reassurability and accountability, E-mail lists and data, plus the integration of E-marketing programs into total marketing efforts and into overall organization goals and functions. On demand.

Strategic Product Management

MKT 860

To develop an awareness and understanding of the issues, tools and techniques used from inception to launch of a product.

Leadership Communication

3 cr

A study of the characteristics, styles, roles, and motivation of successful leaders. Includes study and practice in parliamentary process.

Theories of Organizational Communication

3 cr

A study of major theories of communication within the organization: scientific, humanistic, systems decision making and communication approaches.

Rhetorical Theory

3 cr

A study of theories of persuasion in Greek, Roman, continental, and modern periods. Special emphasis on the works of Aristotle, Campbell, and Burke.