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Sociology, BS

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Sociology online degree completion program is ideal for working adults interested in advancing within their career or changing careers. 

Students with a degree in Sociology provide human and social services, such as:

  • Counseling
  • Case work
  • Advocacy for victims of abuse
  • Family assistance to those in need

Our graduates find positions in:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Not-for profit organizations
  • State or local government agencies
  • Paralegal, immigration specialist and administrative support
  • Sales and marketing, and corporate research
  • Social science researchers for military, government or public opinion research companies

Delivery Format

Home Campus: University of Nebraska at Kearney

Method of Delivery: 100% Online - what's this?Program can be completed fully at a distance. Courses are asynchronous, meaning students and instructor may access content at any time and do not have to be connected to the Internet at the same time. If your program includes an internship or practicum, experiences may be completed in the student's local area.

All online courses are accessed via the Internet and use a learning management system. Technology requirements may vary by program and course, but all campuses have basic recommended requirements. High-speed Internet is required.

Interaction with professors and other students may include:

  • E-mail
  • Online discussion boards
  • Phone or video conferencing
  • Other forms of electronic and print communication

Supplemental materials for some courses may include:

  • Printed material and scanned documents
  • Digital resources accessed through university libraries
  • Videos accessed via the Internet, CDs or DVDs
  • Other media

To be successful, students taking online classes should be reasonably comfortable using a computer and the Internet. Learn more about online student tips for success.

Academic Year 2015 - 2016

Tuition rates are effective for the academic year listed. Tuition is subject to change.

Nebraska Resident:

 TuitionDistance Ed. FeeTechnology FeeLibrary FeeTotal
Per credit hour$234.00$25.00$11.00$4.00$274.00
3 credit hour$702.00$75.00$33.00$12.00$822.00


 TuitionDistance Ed. FeeTechnology FeeLibrary FeeTotal
Per credit hour$379.00$25.00$11.00$4.00$419.00
3 credit hour$1,137.00$75.00$33.00$12.00$1,257.00
Note: In addition to the fees outlined above, a $3.00 academic success fee will be assessed per credit hour and a $4.00 student records fee will be assessed each semester for both resident and non-resident students.

The online Bachelor of Sociology degree program requires a total of 12 courses, or 36 credit hours of coursework.

Five core courses (15 credit hours) are required for every student. You may then choose an additional seven courses (21 credit hours) as part of your general sociology emphasis.

Students may start the program in any semester, including summer.

Required Courses 15 credit hours SOC 237, 300, 370 and 468; plus choose from either PSY 250 or STAT 235
Sociology Emphasis  21 credit hours SOC 201 or 250; SOC 225 or 275; PSY 250 GS or STAT 235 GS; and four courses from the following options - SOC 310, 340, 349, 360, 363, 369, 370, 380, 410, 420, 442, 461 or 462 

Note: Recommended prerequisites include an associate's degree or the majority of the general studies requirements completed. 

Students are strongly recommended to have had completed the general studies courses necessary for a bachelor's degree independently, before beginning the degree completion coursework.  If general studies courses are not yet complete, students will need to work with the program coordinator to determine best options for completing the necessary courses.

Course Name
Course #
Core Courses

Behavioral Statistics

PSY 250 GS

Introduction to Sociology


Prereq: none

The development of social systems, group formations and types of social organizations, and the nature of cultural and subcultural variations.

Social Inequality

SOC 201

Prereq: none

An examination of the American social class system and its impact on the lives of the members of society. Theories of the development of social classes are offered as a basis for class discussions. Alternative social class systems are examined along with the American system. The course concentrates on power relationships, ownership of assets, and the impact of class membership on values, beliefs, attitudes, life styles and life chances.

Global Cultures and Diversity

SOC 225

Prereq: none

This course acquaints the student with a broad range of cultural, racial, and social groups which are recognized as different by the community. It focuses on the causes of the differential treatment, the problems created for these groups and the community, and suggests some solutions that practicing social workers and human service professionals will find useful in dealing with these groups.



Prereq: none

Reviews the physical evolution of humans and the origins of culture. The concepts of culture and cross-cultural comparison are utilized to understand the various ways of life humans have created throughout history.

Sociological Inquiry

SOC 237

Prereq: none

Systematic treatment of the design and conduct of social research and of the logical foundations of empirical research. Includes guided practice in the collection and analysis of data and an individual experience in the formulation and design of a research project. (Offered in the Fall semester.)

Social Psychology

SOC 275

Prereq: none

Group influences on individual behavior, including role theory, socialization, personality development, and attitude change.

Sociological Theory

SOC 300

Prereq: SOC 100, a 200-level SOC course or permission

This course develops analytical approaches to the examination and use of sociological theory in social systems. Basic comprehension of the various paradigms and schools of thought are examined as well as critiques using classical, contemporary, and emerging theoretical writings. Evaluation of the application of social theories is also attempted. (Offered in the Fall semester.)

Social Research

SOC 370

Prereq: SOC 237 or permission of the instructor

A sociological research project will be undertaken by the class in order to master the basic components of research. The project will be defined at the beginning of the semester and may have components of quantitative and/or qualitative methods.

Senior Seminar

SOC 468

Prereq: 18 hours completed SOC coursework

Seminar serves as a capstone for the general degree option in sociology. The philosophical underpinnings of the basic issues in sociology will be examined. Students come to see how the pieces of sociology form a cogent whole.

Statistical Techniques for Research


University of Nebraska online programs have the same quality instructional faculty as on campus; individuals from a variety of backgrounds, who embody the combined qualities resulting from research experience and professional/field experience.

Kurt Borchard, PhD, Professor

Stephen Glazier, PhD, Professor

Daryl Kelley, PhD, Professor

Sandra Loughrin Ph D, Assistant Professor

Suzanne Maughan, PhD, Program Director Sociology, Associate Professor

Guidelines for Admittance

To participate in this program the student must have completed most general studies courses for a bachelor's degree. Please contact a program representative for more information.

Application Checklist

  1. Apply and be admitted to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
  2. Contact Program Coordinator Tami Fosher for further instructions for the UNK online sociology degree completion program.
  3. E-mail Tami at

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester August 1 
Spring Semester December 1 
Summer Sessions April 1


Online Worldwide Educational Representative

Program Contact
Tami Fosher
Phone: 308. 865.8892

Military/Veteran Student Adviser
Mary Sommers
Phone: 308.865.8520

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